What HIM about…

NIZM (Pronounced nEYE-zim) is a Chicago/Toronto artist who  has been involved with the genre of hip-hop as an artist since 1994, and a listener since 1988. Also, he is an accomplished academic who has worked in architecture and marketing and currently a professor.

Contributions as a recording artist since 1999

Projects include:
Subtle Perspectives EP (Knowledge Giving Birth) 2000
In Due Time LP (Visual Recordings) 2002
The Exodus LP (Visual Recordings) 2003
The Myth, The Legend & The Likeness mixtape (Visual Recordings)
Me, This Is LP (Refined Gentleman Music) 2007
Evolution & Ascension  mixtape (Refined Gentleman Music) 2010
ReDFined Xpression LP  2010
Nizm & Tim Jonz Present: A Rapper & A Drummer 2011
Nizm & RoyceBirth Present: N Proof 2011
Nizm & The Assassin Present: Marvin’s House 2012

A place for updates and the like on the N guy, real time…unadulterated!

For more info feel free to go to
www. reverbnation.com/nizm

B.A in Architectural Studies
M.S. in Real Estate
M.B.A. in Marketing
Accomplished and published writer and strategist
Well traveled, and versed in law, politics, history, and fraternal matters

The N guy

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