Job Hiring…

Who comes up with the logic for this…for instance if you have ever been to an open call for modeling,  the talent pickers are never “easy on the eyes”. Same can be said in other fields. HR is not an easy field,  let alone hiring, that being said…employers want perfect candidates that aren’t real. Why…because the usage of canned descriptions. The irony is that the want customized resumes but give canned expectations….example “agency experience” where advertising or CIA LOL. Another is “works well in a fast paced environment” is that an office or NASCAR event? Employers not get to disrespect disagrees…ex oh you didn’t go to X school which is an Ivy League school for their Masters. However they do have a Masters in the field required…Irony is the HR person and manager only have a Bachelors…lol. In my view such biases are the majority of  the Un and underemployed.  Question is…what will It take to change such practices?


A New Beginning…

Its been a while, and I have been meditating on the writing aspect…With a big enough following and a lot of requests, i am gonna get back into the gift that God has given me..Writing

My subject matter will range from

Architectural Theory

Urban Life

Fraternal subject matter (Greek & B.G.L.O.)

And lastly

A LITTLE personal

I dont know where this ride will go, but I will say this, it’ll be interesting