It’s been a while…

Greetings, I thought about why the hell did I have a blog for… oh yeah to share thoughts in a different forum..
well whats been going on….
Finished 2nd Masters Degree
Working on skating Documentary-Inside Out.
Juggling full time employment w/
A Think tank
and 3 companies…
Recovered from Knee Injury,
and getting close to God (MOST important)

A lot going on… yet something is still lacking…been doing a LOT of thinking of long term stuff
and really trying to grasp certain things…first time in a minute i just wanted to write.
A lot of moves im looking to make in the next few moves, and its the realization that they are about to happen and the balancing of what will happen with them, is whats got me like wow! Then my own words hit me… Cant be afraid of success AND failure!!! So I press on… bout to go back into the booth full time now… i got music to make…just to get things out my head… to free my thoughts, free my mind, heart and my soul… it’s REALLY about to get interesting… stick around!
L’Chaim to LaVerite (Toast to The Truth)