Being A Black Male in Chicago 2011

Greetings everyone
Yeah its been a while, I been through a LOT and lost a LOT. Those that know me know what that is but im here.

However back to the subject.
For those that dont know, in Chicago its been some flash mob beatings going on in downtown Chicago, with young Black males basically jumped random people that has EVERYONE profiling ANY Black male in casual clothing.

Now where are we going? Folks dont get mad but this aint for my Black women, no disrespect.
But being a Black Man in this country is like being a perpetual target. And thats if you have NO goals.
If you are educated and not the norm you are REALLY treated like a pariah (He uses such big words and speaks good english lol)

I myself have been through a lot seeing this first hand and as well with close constituents. And its always the same, even in this tough economy, Black men suffer even more, with an unemployment rate that is double and triple the national average. Folk say go get a job, but what if you want more. Should you lower your standards, most folks will not hire a black man in a front position because they feel that Black men will scare away customers. In my original industry of architecture it is perceived that Black men are only good for production drafting but nothing that requires thinking.

I know many like myself who also are have education and experience but its not enough. And yes EVERYONE is suffering but Black men are still seen as inferior and we have to prove ourselves not only qualified but not a threat which is an oxymoron.

Because and intelligent Black men in this country is still perceived as a threat much is done to subdue the power of intellect. Now the media is a WHOLE different monster in the image of Black men, but when ever positive actions are done no one wants to put focus on it. At what point will a PR campaign to be done on the positivity of Black Men?

Chicago is full of many Black men that are contributing to the improvement of society from the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha (my fraternity) to the average man who takes care of his family. However that is never noted, but the violence of a few. So as you read this and see a young Black Male, dont see the negative and dont be afraid.. and most importantly dont assume, but the guy with a fitted cap on and a tshirt maybe more educated than you!