Faith in Education

Quite a touchy personal topic.
Education is something that I value you HIGHLY
As someone who has two degrees and about to begin the grueling process for the a 3rd I value learning but in today’s world I have begun to question what does Education really mean.

I remember coming up, and being the children of two parents that never set foot in college we (my sister and I) that the key to being “successful” (whatever THAT means) is going to school.
My parents were baby boomers so they saw things and lived through times where it was much more difficult to get a college education, so my sister and I intuitively knew we had to do this.

Fast forward to current times
What motivation do you to tell kids to go to college? I know its a taboo subject but lets be real for a second here.
Education has been supremely devalued and almost everyone has a “piece of paper” If you are unemployed you are told to “update your skill sets” by getting certificates and the like but all the costs money.

Articles like this
don’t motivate one to be better as it is.. so then I say this.

If you go to college and incur say 30k in debt, it would make sense to (depending on industry) to get a job to pay off that debt in a reasonable time-frame! (i.e. less than 30 yrs) but the very thing that is made to bey a key to open doors is the very thing that prevents you from walking now.

At this rate, you will need to have a PhD to be a receptionist, all the while most folks who do the key decision making have no degrees, oh the irony!

When I was in architectural school, I used to marvel that the best architects we studied in school where the ones who either didn’t go to school or left, maybe the knew something we didn’t.

Food for thought
N Guy



  1. To understand the educational system at all you must first look at a few things. Where you are in life? Will the time I spent yield the benefits required? What about the job opportunities in my field/major? Full of life . Then you graduate, only to find , it’s not what you know. But who you know. Exploding interests on unpaid student loans blossom. Bad economy. No employment. No career. No experience. No future. No unemployment . Only a piece of paper and a bad loan.

  2. This is precisely the reason for my post the other day about the slow death of the fast learner –

    We not only live in a society where education has been turned on its ear, but where the LACK of education is celebrated. While the philosophy of “who you know” has taken precedent, I believe this is something we should be working on. It SHOULDN’T be “who you know”. Especially considering the fact that these days, most folk don’t even know enough to actually do the jobs they weasel their way into.

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