Ham and Cheese Chronicles Vol 3: 11/12/10; Human Resources Departments, Killers of all things positive

Good morning good people of fb, twitter, and all mediums of social networks.

This topic here is especially sensitive for myself as well as many.

We all are pretty acquainted with how rough the economy has been over the last few years. Many have been laid off and of course folks have been doing what they have needed to get employment, why, well you because you need to pay bills and do all the grown stuff as well do the whole upwardly mobile thingy.

Now if you have been blessed to maintain employment in the last five years, consider yourself blessed because the next part I am going to tell you may shock you.

No more applications:

Now you have to go to EACH company’s website and fill out a LONG profile.

AND send the resume.

Now I have talked to a few HR Managers and they say that, that part is done to ensure fair

hiring practices are done! Go figure.


You submit this after 20 minutes (and this is just 1 application)

and you get the standardized response of “Thank you for applying to xxxxxx, we have many applicants and we will get back to you in xxxx time, please don’t respond to this email.

And you wait,

and you wait

Then after say, 30 days, they tell you, they filled the position, but thank you for your applying and we will keep your information for the next 6 mos to a year.


I filled out this sweepstakes for nothing?!?!?!?

Now imagine doing this all day everyday!

Most of those how to get a job sites, serve no point and more than ever, its about who you know.

So I ask.. truly Why does HR exist at this point?

If you are in HR please share your thoughts, if you been through this process I want you to respond by saying





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  1. Yes, the application process is very time consuming. It’s to the extent where I really think the companies should offer some incentive for the time it takes to fill it out. I’m not even gonna complain about usajobs.gov. Those jobs posted is just not real to begin with. It takes at least an hour or two to do the questionaires, etc. Great post Nizm!

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