Good afternoon everyone

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween.

We are also amongst the voting season…

On Tuesday Nov 2, we will be halfway, through the presidential term of the first Black President. Since his election this country has suffered through further economic decline, unemployment and other things. However it hasn’t been all his fault. I am going HAM & CHEESE on American Political Culture. I know of many folks that voted for the first time back in 2008, which was a beautiful thing. Now, particularly, many African-Americans are immediately disenchanted because they aren’t making a million and walking around in a racial and economic utopia. President Obama said from the beginning that it will take time and he ALONE cant’ do it.

We use that and mix that with conspiracy ideology to justify our inactivity to NOT vote. Many are quick to say its rigged or that our vote means nothing, or immediately indoctrinate themselves with a conspiracy theory to justify their inadequacies (Insert Obama is Illuminati, skull and bones etc). The truth of the matter is that deep down I think some people have become comfortable with the victim mentality and choose not to elevate themselves. Oh sure, many say they want change, but who is really willing to get past the microwave pop culture of today and focus on the laborious journey of progress?

It is convenient to have the savior complex of expecting one to lead us to a proverbial promise land, but accountability is must be spread. I will say I have not agreed with everything that President Obama has done, but he has made a diligent effort to improve what has been done to us over 8 years. After listening to political pundits, analysts and the like, the Boston Tea Party members have no interest in helping everyday people. The America they are trying to “take back” puts most Blue collar Americans of ALL colors at a financial disadvantage, and we are fast fading in economic relevance in the world economy.

SO: Whether you agree or not is not the issue, just don’t let apathy and disenchantment motivate you to do NOTHING. If anything if you are so disenchanted with the “system” then I challenge you to either VOTE or step in and do What Che “Rhymefest” Smith did and run for an office. Yes many will not win, but action taken is more respect than inactive words and thoughts.



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