Outdated Forms of Political Thought

Yet another topic that will insight the masses! This one is more for those that are seasoned. I realize that in my the youth of my age I was not around during the Civil Rights area; however I don’t DARE discount the work of those that came before me! What is disconcerting is hearing the outdated thoughts that are shuffling again.
In my home city of Chicago, there is a HUGE circus for who will be the next major as the current mayor will be stepping down after 21 years of service. In a city like Chicago you can imagine it is a true political power grab and every socioeconomic voting block is angling for “their” party? Fine, US politics at its finest. What I find most disconcerting amongst my people (African-Americans) because the “ole guard” is going behind closed doors to discuss the best candidate to represent “our” interests.
I maybe considered borderline radical for this, but if anything the last Presidential election showed that this is the time for Generation X to have more than a token say at the table. with the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton reaching, thankfully, the sunsets of their careers, let us look for a new model. And with looking for this new model, we need to figure what it is that we need, and also look at our worth as a voting block which in itself is quite disconcerting. If we are still so easily duped my politicians who can easily walk into our pulpits and make futile promises while not taking us seriously, then to be frank we need to fall about deaf ears. This also goes into a deeper caveat as people that we need to better educate ourselves on not only the voting process but the accountability process of knowing how to measure a candidates effectiveness or lack thereof. Many people perceived President Obama to undue 8 years of work within 1 year and now pout as if they feel raped and or lied to. Grant it I am not a fan of his approach but many things will take time to undue an create to truly create positive change.
I say the same for the mayoral election, the best candidate “we” have as of this correspondence is a Preacher turned Senator, that has one of the largest churches in the Midwest, which is ironically situated in the heart of one of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago. We are so smitten by the Power of the Preacher that we struggle to fathom a Black man in power that isn’t backed by a church. Am I convinced he is the best candidate, as of this correspondence? No. I am not so bent on ethnicity in power that I am blinded by the most important issue, economics. Economics reign supreme with unemployment in the country at 10% and near 20% in the Black Community.
The format of going to each “block” and speaking to those that represent that block and humoring them is a time honored tradition, the question I ask is why should the Black vote be respected when we don’t hold our current officials accountable? We are still marching singing “We Shall Overcome” in 2010 but we need to change our tune or we will continue to be offkey in not only improving the city for ourselves but for those that all reside in Chicago.

More to come


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  1. THANKs. I’m also glad to see someone else was little off-put by the unofficial black caucus going and deciding who they want the rest of us to vote for. And I’ll also say this, I trust my pastor with my church, I believe he’s been a pretty good Senator,…but does he have the wherewithal to be the Mayor as well,…I don’t know and I don’t like the fact that some are implying that one should have anything to do with the other. I wish, for once that we could have someone emerge who is just the right person, not backed by the right people or belonging to the right group, but just THE RIGHT PERSON.

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