People and Politics

These two topics are what wars are fought over! Families broken up, friendships ended and yet we are glutton for it but choose to not completely read “the fine print”

For me, as a African-American male, its been critical to understand politics beyond the “spin doctors” that tell us what to feel, believe, etc.
What personally disturbs me is that people believe EVERYTHING that is told to them without even doing the most minimal of research. Example you say: Well allow me

Many people voted for our President Barack Obama, for various reasons. (Hated Bush, Barack is Black, He had swag, Yes we can, etc) but truth is the average American doesn’t understand how politics work. So it makes me shake my head when I hear people of ANY nationality say he’s failed as a President. In 18 months, one man is expected to change what another man did in 8 years! Go figure. How many of us even understand how the Senate and House of Representatives even work. Do we really even know our own issues?

The point is that we shouldn’t be so guilty of drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid and get mad when we get ill from not reading the contents, and this goes for ANY politician! Do I agree with President Obama on everything! #$%%# NO! At minimum though I do make an effort to understand what it is that is being discussed, process it and then weigh in when appropriate.

Another example of not understanding politics. Many people on social network sites have OBAMA as their political party! To me that is sincerely disturbing! So when President Obama leaves office, one no longer be interested in politics? Also, there are Republicans, Democrats & Independents. I didn’t know President Obama was a party. I say that to say, we don’t understand what we say we believe in and when we see something we don’t like we speak out without understanding.

Awareness is key, the prelude to knowledge and wisdom, and the gateway to understanding.

In conclusion, I say this. “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2nd Timothy, 2nd CH, 15th verse)
Seek and be aware, so that you know for yourself is true.

As President Obama’s term continues and Tea Party members aggressive push their agenda, find whats right and learn the facts. And if Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton are the agents of information for you, then indeed, study immediately



ReDFined Xpression – UK Version

Greetings to all! Got a lot going on, my apologies for not keeping up on the blog
For those that have followed this blog, you may know I am into music and released an album
Well I have now been blessed to get a Distro deal and now have just re-released it in the UK on Sept 6th. Via
Right now its on itunes, napster, amazon and almost every digital vendor you can think of.
A dream come true indeed! However complacency is not allowed. Looking to push this album into Europe and Asia by years end!
If you like hip-hop, w/ lyrics and solid production, then look up Nizm on itunes and get “ReDFined Xpression” today! You won’t regret it!


Nizm: coming soon!