Yep.. the single.. off of ReDFined Xpression!
Any one who knows me knows how I feel about the word “swagger” Its and overused and abused and misconstrued term.
One day while in the barbershop.. shooting the breeze the concept came to me to kill the word. Anyone who has been in hip-hop for any decent length of time knows that hip-hop is cannabalistic in nature. And I was feeling quite Anthony Hopkins-ISH
Over a Drum heavy but melodic track from my Drummer Tim Jonz (http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=107679255936706&ref=ts)
The flow on it is different from what most folks have known me for, but it was a chance to show a versatility I havent always shown. The song is full of entendres and punchlines including one about Steve McNair in which I have been told by many I will go to hell for but it gets the point across lol

The hook is a very simple but catchy something that will ensure you dont forget it as we all know SOMEONE that fit into the subjects of the hook lol

For those interested in hearing:

Next up
8-ReDFined Xpression (title track)


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