The failure of government for the people.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Quite the wording, poignant yet hollow in today’s times.

Its apparent that within that government has forgotten who signs their checks
particularly when it comes to everyday actions. We listens to campaign rhetoric
and yet folks don’t deliver.

I have never been a huge in either direction in regards to politics. (Democrat
or Republican, both have their issues in my opinion)
However we believe that we vote for the person that will truly suit the needs of the
working class folks, given that more than 70% of this country are working class.

Recently I have gotten my introduction to the real word if you will.
President Obama signed into legislation the extension of unemployment benefits.
Given the access of technology and the speed of how we can do things, I figured that
my fathers benefits would be to him in a short period of time.
However we are on week 2 and hes technically homeless as he was forced from his residence
because he didn’t have the income to pay his rent. BECAUSE of this.

Now, given that we just approved over 4.5B to be put into the “war” in Afghanistan, surely
there was no delay in remittance of those funds
I listen to talking heads daily and I am far from a Harvard egghead, but I cant for the life
of me understand why are you withholding money from the very folk who need it the most.

Meanwhile the rich have the audacity to want more tax breaks!!!

Now I am actually a fan of capitalism! But for capitalism to work as the machine that it is
all the cogs and pieces have to be cared for carefully. It seems that stimulation of the
economy is rhetoric and good for sound bytes.

I am tasking this as a call to arms to all politicians to answer concisely, why unemployment
is being held up. I may not like the answer but an honest answer is deserving of the people.

L. David Stewart


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