Balance of Person and Persona

Quite the title
I dont think many people who are not artists understand the inherent schizophrenia that comes with being an artist.
I myself am a recording artist for 10 years as well as a visual artist (architecture, graphic, furniture) have always had to understand the difference between public persona and the person.
As music continues to slowly progress, I have encountered situations where I was recognized, and though its quite a cool feeling, it has its weird points. Just folks all of a sudden knowing you for what you have done, then leaves you open for venomous forms of criticism from naysayers and the like.

Then there is also those that assume that because you are an artist, you have no vision or back up plans or are not in touch with reality. I must admit the sarcastic joy, I get when I tell them I graduate level education and the receipt (degree) to prove it.

As if that’s enough it most difficult “grind” of making a living while chasing a dream! I have gotten into quite the incendiary conversation over this very issue! Folks assume that if you pursue the arts for a career you don’t understand life or don’t take life very seriously! Oh contrare! We understand the brevity of it better than most, the visionaries of society, if it wasn’t for the artists of the world the world would be quite robotic.

These economic times, combined with other personal issues have made this time quite a test of ones will. Many who have gone to school for their dreams are forced to defer them for a living. Others have had to watch their very industries become extinct, and yet no different from the doctor with a passion to heal, and the lawyer who seeks to create and improve law, we go and create creative change through our work.

Together with balancing a personal life, experiences, religions, family, etc we are people too! So the next time you know someone who wants to be a musician, or painter.. dont be so quick to judge.. because chances are they understand the truths of life better than most!



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