Employers & The Death of Capitalism pt 1

Interesting subject. Something I know a little about. In this here little recession we are in many, including myself, have had a LOT of reevaluating to do. I grew up with the notion that going to school would allow me to get better opportunities to do what I wanted at the time. I went on to obtain a Bachelors (in Architectural Studies) and a Masters (in Real Estate).
Then the economy went in the toilet! Many in my fields have lost employment, companies and other key components. Unemployment is over 10% nationally, near 20% for African Americans!
I myself know this all to well as I have been without stable employment going on a year! Yes a year!!!!
I’ve been blessed to have had my consulting company be a springboard for work, but the economy’s effect on getting work has been widespread!
Now I have looked for the entire time for better opportunities, I have dedicated a majority of my time to just that! (Working on client stuff is the other half of my time.)
I read up on jobs and the like, and have realized that I’m part of a unique group of people I call “Generation Y The Hell”
See my generation saw what our parents dealt with in the Civil Rights Era, and we went to college thinking naively we can build a better life!
Unbeknownst to us, deregulation and Reaganomics was winding up to kick us 20-something years later!
Fast forward to today. You have many with degrees AND experience! But no employment
Bad resumes?
No jobs?
Lack of drive?

No. Its a fundamental lack of understanding the importance of human capital in capitalism.
C-suite executives have forgotten the importance of the people
Now people are treated as statistics that are “eliminated” for the stockholders profits.
Those that are employed are working twice as hard for the same pay. Not wanting to speak out as they fear for their livelihood.
All the while executives get 7-figure bonuses for firing people.

And this is what they teach in business schools? Is it a wonder we as Americans have such a disastrous morale amongst Generation Y?
Americans 22-30 are catching the utmost hell! We are being told Social Security won’t be around because of the influx of baby boomers retiring now
Yet no one wants to hire us because we either
Have no experience
Or over-qualified

As a country are deficit is enormous and “jobs” may come back but “careers” are still dying

Many folks have invested thousands into an education that has yielded no real ROI!

Education is being devalued daily with such easy access to degrees

What is one to do?

The irony is that employers inflict the worst pain on themselves
Tight on spending, no one wants to take a chance on hiring. So now job descriptions borderline the absurd.
Positions that once call for diplomas now require degrees and unrealistic experience requisites and yet the pay is at a below market value, and employers worry that when the economy improves the employee will leave!
Of course! The employee has no incentive
Leaving many in this generation (and others) hurting
While a select few over indulge!

Generation Y The Hell! We got a bad deal!


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  1. This is very sad but very true and honest. Unemployment is one thing that leads to disastrous effects in the black community inc malnutrition, drug/alcohol abuse, crime, poverty, and death. It is a mind game that is played by the big boys with the big bread. I would encourage young African Americans who are in this boat to keep praying and to look on an international level for work opportunities. There are many companies on a global level who would love to hire black people with qualifying skills, experience, and education.

  2. I agree that the international market might be a great place to start or continue looking. My sister is looking international now and she’s just getting serious about her BS degree.

    Some employers are doing what they do best – thinking of themselves and their own pockets often not even considering the shareholder because, if they did, they would know that quality employees who are compensated well for the skills they bring to the table result in loyalty, less turnover, more motivation & determination to achieve the main goal…maximum profits for the shareholder.

    Some employers think of employees as dispensable. Some people have yelled for years about the lack of ethics and morals training at business schools but business schools are a business so it’s a vicious cycle. And, truthfully, can you teach these skills to adults? Some MBAs or other graduates only go for the careers which demand close to 6 figures starting out (i.e. investment bankers) because they can indeed demand it. The best way to combat this is to lower your expectations until those job descriptions resemble reality while, at the same time, try to find other ways in a side or back door since more degrees is clearly not the answer anymore.

  3. This is one of the most accurate, most intelligent, most poignant breakdowns that I have read with regards to what’s REALLY going on out here. I swear, I read it again and looked around to see if you were hiding in my closet, spying on me.

    I have been unemployed now for (get this) 2.5 years. My industry is crumbling and I honestly don’t know what to do.

    Kudos to a brilliantly written blog. Keep the good work up.

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