Day 1

You think you can prepare yourself for something… you pray and you assess and you plan.. but in the end.. its for nothing.
Getting up this morning, I struggled to process what undertaking i was about to begin. I see why now.
The flight in was picturesque but the MINUTE i touched down I could as Mos Def say “Feel the City Breathing”
And its a lot of pain and despair.. but its a LOT of love and laughs. As an American it is easy to become pre-disposed to what CNN or other media outlets would say.. but after seeing it…words do it no justice.

Walking out of the Port au Prince airport.. you look into the eyes of locals and you see A LOT. Some good some bad. I almost got my pocket picked but thank God quit wits caught the assailiant. One of the most embarrassing things that I had to admit was my training almost kicked in.. that fear that fear of i will have to hurt someone.. and i had to catch myself.. Why did i feel that way? Was it because I was not used to the environment? Was it fear of losing possessions, or was it more.

That feeling of helplessness makes one for a brief moment forget the purpose of why I came down here. And I wallowed in my shame on the ride back. Remembering the human condition. That people of all walks of life want the same general things and at that moment, My guide was there to keep me in order, after a long wait for one more comrade.. we drove through Port au Prince and to our compound.. and it is just that a ways a way and driving through a myriad of snapshots.. It is then i but away my American bias and embrace the moment.. to see and cherish why it is I am here! Upon arrival it looked like a United Nations summit of various nationalities.. all united for the same cause! After the joy of finding a bathroom lol I was able to take it and talk with the fraternity Brother that was instrumental in my presence.

and as i close.. and think of what is to come… I think of the opening words of the House of Alpha”
“Goodwill is the Monarch of THIS house!” God indeed is good

More to come



  1. Nizm, that is really interesting & hopefully that fear will dissapate but most importantly you said it…GOD is GOOD, Indeed!!!

  2. Praying for you…stay strong brother…your work is needed there…I’m proud you followed your mind to assist the brethren in their time of need…you are sowing and planting the seeds of a powerful future…

  3. I can’t even imagine what you have already embarked on in just the few hours of being there already, although there will be a lot more to come across like you said, know that you are down there for a reason, a purpose to help rebuild a country in dyer need. Something you can look back on as well as the people you helped can look back on and say we are all brothers and sisters in Gods eyes and we are here to help each other out in any way possible. I am so proud of you man.

  4. your cause is powerful my friend, remeber God gives us what we can handle so it’s time to let your light shine and bless people with your talent. Your first day there sounds spectacular even with the activities and all’s well that ends well!

  5. Man, sir David, this was an awesome idea to do!! Reading this nearly put me in the moment with you, as I felt so informed. Words can’t express how humbling your experience and calling is to me and so many. Help us out as we forget the mere things that so entangle and distract us. My heart goes out to you and your journey so that it may continue to impact as you come back. My prayer is that feeling gives you a spiritual peace forever that will never die but that will influence those surrounding you. Awesome.

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