NIZM UPDATE- Whats been goingz on

Hey young world!
Apologies for being quiet on the blog.. A LOT’s been going on.

5/5/10 was Beautiful!
Album Premiere of “ReDFined Xpression”
check out the fb page. to see the pics
It was a magical night! A lot of stress, but walking on that stage felt like it was Madison Square Garden! Hell even my pops came to check me out!

The ALBUM is available
on Itunes

as well its available on and
on the grind to spread the word.. if you got it let folks know…word of mouth is powerful!

The album will be distributed via a UK Distributor to the UK market, date forthcoming!

As well:
For those who havent been as acquainted with my music, and looking to hear more of my material
My first two albums: Subtle Perspectives and In Due Time will be re-released on RESERVED Records
Sept 2010! That material almost 10 years old is a glimpse into my past as well to a different perspective into music of myself but that time frame in Chicago. Im honored and humbled that someone think my material be worthy of putting out..shouts to RESERVED Records for the good look.

Update with new staff.. who you will be getting to know soon and lastly

Preparing as of the writing of this.. to go to Haiti! For those that dont know.. my background is in architecture and I have been blessed with an opportunity via my fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha to indeed be “servants of all” and work on the design of a school and outpatient clinic.
This has definitely put a lot of things in life such as music into a different perspective. Looking forward to helping those that have less and learning their story and understanding that people are indeed people and not statistics.

I’ll be back here regularly, Lord willing, and hope to see you all here regularly

any ?s, hit me at

The N Guy


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