6- Why It Didnt Work

Sup gang.. a lots been going on.. I gotta separate link coming up … but i wanted to continue on the commentary of each song
Why IT DIDNT WORK.. heck of a title! This song many thought would be as abrasive as “No Wrong” from my “This is Me” album.

This song is kinda been an amalgamation of my dating and the things I have observed. Some women I have dated or even just befriended have shared various thoughts and perspectives.. and far beit from me to be perfect, in my opinion sometimes women put themselves out there and try to manipulate a situation in to something that it isnt, and when they dont get the results that they desire it then becomes a stressful situation.
As mentioned in the song, I am not proud to admit I broke a few hearts, and I do apologize for those that I have done.. we live and learn

Produced by the homie Royce Birth from Toronto.. good looking..
Next song.. ReDFined Xpression


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