Haiti Synthesis/Moving Forward

Greetings all. Its been a week since I made my first journey to Haiti.
I want to thank you all for reading this banter of thoughts and emotions I have posted. The adjustment back to an “industrialized” country has been interesting. I view the world much differently. I see things that make me appreciative of the things I have. I also see the urgency of action to be precedent and not an option. I feel this option to be paramount
A. As an African-American who is apart of the African Diaspora
B. As a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.

Going forward, the work that was assessed while I was down there will be made public soon including photos, but in the meantime I ask that be it Haiti, or the hood. Find something to give back to. NOT because I said so, or because it is the in thing to do, but because for every day you can sleep and eat freely, there are those that don’t have. I can honestly say I have new genuine appreciation for simplicity and the simpler things in life that mean so much.

With that I continue to be diligent in my work and efforts as well as working on music.



Day 5 (Im gone…for now)

From where we last left off.. I went out last night for the final time in the back of a tap-tap and took in the night scenery. How does one readjust to life in the big city after seeing this? I thought about this and then closed my eyes to take in the night air as we drove through Port au Prince! A cool breeze is a cool breeze and i was refreshing to feel.
So many questions answered, so many new questions.

I awoke too the concept of knowing today was me leaving and it was with mixed emotions! What in reality has been a five day excursion, as altering me radically and felt like a month! I did the same ritual I did every day.. hustle to shower (making sure I didnt get water in my mouth as the tap water carries a high risk of typhoid fever, which I here can mess ya day up)
Try charging my phone up (As the power is ran off of a generator that is on only twice a day and getting an outlet is not easy)
And getting on with the day

It was all about packing but all the while I was thinking of the attachment and fondness I grew to the place in a short period of time, and the memories made and the friendships that were made. But this was not a one time deal for me.. as phase 2 will involve me, Lord willing, coming back down there to follow through on the project. Much is to be done, and I will definitely keep you the reader updated on what is going on

At last, it was time to hop in the back of the tap-tap to go to Port-au-Prince airport. The rest of the team was going up to Grand-Guave for the weekend. I so envied them in seeing the lush landscape but duty awaited me back home. Righting in.. I was just sad I had to leave to come back to handle bills and the like here in the states. Frustrating reality but reality nonetheless. Exchanged cordialities with the group and with Bro. Darguin and we planned to meet again soon to move the project forward expeditiously, and with that I was off to home.

The airport was not a walk in the park! Two security checkpoints and a line that would test the patience of a nun! Info was misplaced, no one new nothing.. it was like a mini O’hare lol. Go through Customs.. and get up stairs and the flight is STILL delayed.
Irritated tired and hungry, all i could do was sit down and wait. I ended up striking a conversation with a native of Haiti. A lady roughly in the same age range of myself who was off to handle business for her company. We ended up discussing Haiti overall and I must say it was eye-opening on a different scale.

She mentioned how many NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) come only to Port-au-Prince but forget about the other areas of Haiti (8 total) and that Port-au-Prince has been made lazy by the help given because it does not empower them to be better in steady makes them dependent. INSTANTLY I thought of the lady who tried to tell the gentleman I was working with to not listen to me when I was teaching him.
She also mentioned of how much depth Haiti had in terms of culture and resilience bringing it full circle to me and reinforcing why I came and why I must continue what I have been blessed to be apart of.

We parted ways, but that convo was the solidification of me coming back for sure!

After thinking the entire ride back.. I arrived in Chicago finally around Midnight! Tired I opted to go out for a brief while to see how the city felt to me after being in Haiti.. The nightlife, Greektown! People getting some late night grease soaking up the liquor they just consumed. Folks plotting on booty calls, talking about nothing. It felt weird! Less than 24hrs ago I was in a tent sleep in one of the most beleaguered countries in the world, and then within 24 hours I was back in a major metropolis! If I seem different now.. it is because I am.. indeed there is a value shift to a degree.. certain things to me.. just are utterly irrelevant in the scope of my world view now.
After watching the night stars were you see just the stars.. and walking at night in utter darkness but with a sense of calm that is not matched anywhere in Chicago. Talking with people who have kept a smile through things that would make others crazy, its a new beginning indeed. I am grateful for the paths I came across in Croix De Bouquets and hope to leave a positive impression then and later as well

I say that NOT being elitist or being better, but if your eyes saw what I saw.. its hard not to be. I go forward now knowing that work is to be done and that I must balance what I have saw with what I am now in order to become what I may.. and that this work here is just a step..
I conclude this by saying Thank you to Bro General President Skip Mason and thank you Bro. Samuel Darguin.. the work is not over.. but just beginning

Stay tuned for more updates.


Day 4 (Damn its Hot!)

For some reason I thought today was going to be a lull. Boy was I wrong. The plan was to go to market and chill out.. and to be honest I was in need of a vegging out moment. An emotional roller coaster to say the least and mentally, emotionally, and psychologically I am drained. I awoke this morning with my final action item for my assessment. The basic measurement of the structure. Now for those not familiar with architecture or construction its pretty paramount to measure the structure to know what you are dealing with. Mentally and physically it was a lot to tackle and not fun in damn near 100F heat with 80% humidity. It felt like bonecrusher and Monique wear bearhuggin me. Just HOT! Nonetheless the work of the brotherhood had to be done!
Before I could get focused though, the good brother Samuel Darguin suggested we go to marche (Creole for market). I figured why not.. so we and our other teammates decided to get hydrated and get on with the task (Got some more water out the bag AND bottle, dammit it’s HOT!) But before we left I was kinda cycling through the last few days and found myself in conversation with Bro. Darguin about how does one readjust to “regular living” after what one has seen here? Quite the answer given! He stated that folks should be uncomfortable and reminded me of why this project is important to Alpha and all people of the African Diaspora. It reminded me of why I was so headstrong about getting down here. Haiti was the FIRST free country for Africans in 1804! Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was the FIRST AFRICAN-American collegiate fraternity founded In 1906. We owe this to our culture and to our history and ourselves to show the work of the brotherhood WHEREEVER downtrodden people need assistance! I take that VERY seriously and so does Brother Darguin. We ended the convo as time had come to go but it was good to share such thoughts with a like minded Brother of Alpha. So we pile into a tap-tap 8 deep blasting Reggae and we were on our way. It was dark hot and rough…NO im not talking about the back of Forest Whitakers neck, im talking about the cabin of the tap-tap… bumping along in a street that makes Chicago potholes look like paved asphalt. I am talking craters that when you hit them the radio turns off and you click your teeth! Praise the Lord I don’t have motion sickness!
20 mins later we arrive and it’s the epitome of chaos! Driving through it is one thing.. walking through it.. well lets just say if I did have insurance my premium would have went up 1000%. It was hot and messy and chaotic.. and most of our group were referred to as “Blams” which is Creole for White foreigner (someone correct me if I am off) thing is not a one of us was Caucasian but the minute we spoke we gave our American accents. And like a good business person, they went for the tourists.. we smiled saying No Merci (no thank you) and moved through this hot sordid bananza of perilous capitalism. Now seeing as that I am from Chicago and been threw Jewtown (its not a slur its what is referred to for the non-Chicagoans reading) its very similar but then its also on steroids. VERY close quarters open products including fish poultry vegetables and the like. And its been salted to preserve so the air had quite aroma. We flew through it as Mr. Darguin and an associate were hunting for rabbits and goats. At one point we arrived to get to the rabbit vendor and the physician in our group suggested that we all take extra strong antibiotics because it’s a good chance we could have been exposed to malaria carrying mosquitoes. (Not what u wanna hear on a Friday afternoon in the month of June) So we get through and get to the goat section. Given yesterday I got to watch billy get assassinated and was digesting him I wasn’t worried to come to death row but it was quite the scene. Hundreds of goats being handled looking to be sold to the highest bidder for a weekend dinner. While our host was looking for the perfect specimens we stood off in the distance covering our nose from the dust and every other thing our physician made us paranoid about.

After a 20 minute wait we got William and Wallly our two need dinners ( I mean goats) and made our to the tap-tap to get back. Walking back through the market the fatigue of the last few days attempted to set in but my training overpowered my body to keep going, 100 degree heat, intense environment 30 pound bag on my back, felt like boot camp lol.
We get back to the compound and we are all tired to some extent. Me, I was, but wanted to fight through it as duty awaited and it is hard for me to relax when work beckons. However I had to sit down and in sitting down the group got to talk and share stories and just relax. All of us there are consumed by utilizing our various skills for the improvement of the country but it was good to sit back and catch a breeze and just laugh
A few hours slipped by and I find myself rested. Looking to get it done.. I decided to not wait on help and make it happen!
Grabbing tape measure and looking at my sketch of the existing building.. it felt good! Not because of what I was doing, but because of something I was doing that I was going to design! Realizing from the watching of the kids, to the photos taken.. to even taking basic measurements. My work was critical NOT for someones bottom line but to POSITIVELY affect a community.. DAMN that felt good.
I started to measure and one of the local helpers who work on the compound was assigned to grab some photos of me working. No big deal… while working he saw I needed some help and instinctively grabbed the tape measure. So he and I begun chatting as he is a stand up guy. Native Haitian who survived the earthquake and speaks good English. I met him on Day 1 when I arrived at the airport and he helped me keep my wits about me so we got cool! I figured since he wanted to help least I could do was tell him I was doing. I explained to him how to read an Imperial tape measure as the WORLD is in Metric and he took to it like a fish to water. I showed him my sketch of the layout to show him where we were standing in the building and showed him how it was like a map. And knew IMMEDIATELY where he was in the building! He was a natural! As I was showing him what a rise and run was regarding stairs, as a member of another organization, a Caucasian lady, pulled him aside and said and I quote “You don’t need to do what he says, you don’t have to work for him” NOW once again I was faced with a potential Ni$$a moment as expressed in the show Boondocks! As I was thoroughly offended by such an accusation and if she was listening she would have seen I was teaching him. But as with anything in life you have those that don’t understand what it is you do, so they react based on fear. I chose to ignore it but the guy who was helping me blew her off! He was a grown man and he wanted to learn and NOT be treated to a pity party! The people I have met in this community want help but they ultimately want to be taught how to help themselves, and you gotta respect that!
We kept going and I showed him how to pick up things that a building can tell you and what the importance of columns and slabs were and it was great. We ended our lil apprenticeship and laughed and joked. I stopped and asked him “If there was anything that he could do, what would he like to do, without flinching he said Computer Science!” He quickly followed it up with but I’ll do whatever to make money and live ya know” So much was said in those two sentences! He told me is dream but how it has to be tempered by reality, hearbreaking! So I am making a call to arms to anyone reading this.. if you have any computer science book(s) to give away hit me up and I want to get this man a book and whatever I can to get him one step closer to his dream! Serious inquiries hit me at nizm@refinedgmusic.com)
After measuring, feeling good that I have done the work of the Brotherhood I sat down and enjoyed a lovely cool breeze we came into a great Haitian dinner of Goat, rice and beans, and macaroni pie. And great great kola champagne! A fitting way to end the day.
Even now as I write this I converse with a young Haitian boy looking to learn English. I realize more than ever that I cant save the world, BUT I can do my part to make the world a better place, and humbly give thanks to Bro Skip Mason, General President and Bro Samuel Darguin for allowing me the opportunity to represent the Brotherhood. Not one to speak on it but Alpha is indeed in my heart and to be of service to a greater good is truly redeeming to the soul. As I prepare to work on my assessment report it gives me great joy to know that my work will be implemented for a greater good, and representing the Espirite De Fraternite in its truest fashion. I end the day quoting from my personal favorite poem of Alpha. House of Alpha.
Goodwill IS the monarch of THIS HOUSE
God is indeed good

(P.S. Big up to the Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup, Cubs fans got a LONG wait lol)

Day 3 (pardon typos its all from Blackberry)

A lot. Work to be done in a few hours. I woke up a bit more comfortable today. Not as stressed, but determined to move forward. Awaken by Bro Darguin and I got up to get ready and get going. Quick shower to get moving. Listening to the other volunteers I got to see something you DEFINITELY don’t see. I was informed that the dinner was going to be goat! I thought cool, but to make it more interesting I was invited to the slaughter of the goat. We surrepeitiously named it Billy. Not one for being squeamish I figured it’d be interesting. Poor thing was lead and intuitively it knew it was coming. It was even more interesting watching a young guy no older than twenty work with Bro Darguin work like an assassin to slit the throat of the goat. Not for the squeamish.. watching it kick and scream you almost feel bad.. and then I realized Im from Chicago and thought how much money I contributed to the Corporation of Harold (aka Harolds Chicken) and thought wow. An experience never done in the city.. and I understand that this is a way of life to eat. I am sure PETA people will call for war but I digress.
After watching the draining of the blood I got to watch the blowing of the goat (perverts shut it!) What as done to remove the skin was a site to see. The young assistant cut a slit in the now rigamortis laden body around the leg. And then proceeded to blow air in it like a balloon! And it blew up like a balloon after which they hung Billy for the dissection.. and that was when I went back to work lol. Billy was gonna be on a plate in 12 hours no need of seeing Billy til he was seasoned.
I returned to work and begun sketching the existing building. Walking from room to room I came across another set of volunteers that are separate from the group of which I am with, and when I told them what I was doing I got the look that I am used to. “What is this Black guy doing saying he is an architect” Now those who know me know Im prone to break out into a Samuel Jackson turrets but I didn’t, I smiled and went about my duties. Even in Haiti racism has a way of showing its ugly face and I would see it again later.
I finished up drawing as I was told by Samuel to work on something else and got to take a break and see what else needed to be done. While in Haiti I have been blessed to meet people that are hear from 2wks to 3 months, so I feel in my short period of time I need to maximize EVERY waking moment when I am not spazzing about mosquitos. (These things look like Sarin Palin without glasses out here)
We then went to Port Au Prince airport to pick up the newest addition to the team. Now for those of you that read Day 1! Yours truly was a little thrown off and was ready to get indignant, and since then I have mentally prepared myself for trickery on the way back. BUT I had to remind myself that fear is nothing but misappropriated energy and this would be the PERFECT time to overcome that. So off we went to the Airport!
This ride was only 20 mins, versus the 2hrs on the way back from the airport, as well it was good weather so it was a big difference. Arriving at the airport I felt the same way I did after becoming a member of Alpha Phi Alpha and watching the initation, being on the other side, I felt empowered and the social scientist in me was well aware of what was going on. As we waited, I saw other Americans coming to the gate and looking like I did. I was lowkey looking for the pickpocket to inform him that I wasn’t pleased in a very “Go-Ill” way but I didn’t. While waiting, I stood next to an American lady. And she looked so perturbed. I said “Eskise m” (Excuse me in Creole) and she looked at me like I urinated in her Cheerios. And then I promptly spoke to her in English I told her that I am as American as Apple Pie and she looked like I unleashed a fury of urine her her cheerios. Once yet again reminded of how as Americans we can be QUITE snobby to everyone including our own.
While getting past my civil rights moment I got to watch two people from competitive taxi companies warring over a customer. A petite lady versus tall man. She gave him what we local folks “THE BIDNESS” (Business for those that aren’t conosseiurs of final urban dialect lol) Ending with a middle finger AND the customer, once again reminding us in captitalism someone has to be capitalized ON for it to work.
After we acquired our new team member we went through introductions in the car and got acquainted.. Feeling relieved that I conquered my issue., we got back dropped our backs and went on to a conference that Bro. Darguin was to rendezvous with in the southern part of the area. 90 minute drive through the countryside YES! Camera dead NO! So frustrated by not swayed we pile in and Im armed with my Blackberry camera and I will say it put in work! We went through new territory and I got to see the difference between city life in Haiti and rural life. Rural life has been even more harmed by the earthquake. Over lush landscapes of mountains lay miles of waste! Plastic bottles and garbage that is BURNED! (no landfill or recycling element) Now I will not act a treehugger myself but seeing that and thinking how this truly effects the environment was touching. We waste so much and we truly do hurt the earth.. it was like looking as a post card shot and someone just taking a dump on it! Ideas came springing to me of how this can be alleviated.
Another thing noticed was the vast tent cities that laced the landscape. Displaced urbanites trying to find life in these tents. One couldn’t help but to thank God for the simple things and yet along the way we still people laughing smilng and playing and selling goods to make ends meet. The earthquake may have broken their buildings but it did NOT break their spirit! We proceed to the more well off section as we get closer to our destination and we notice its ritzy because old vehicles and “tap-taps” (pickup trucks with roofs converted for makeshift taxis) gave way to range rovers an Yukons.
We arrive in what looks like a parallel universe! A former club Med the place was snooty to say the least. Mind you we didn’t pay the absurd amount to be at this two day gala we just got in and was horrified by what we heard. Many representatives from various agencies, U.S. and others all interested in the rebuilding of Haiti. Good on paper! But they were so not in touch with the real situation! One lady, and American, had the audacity to complain that her hotel didn’t have air conditioning and its very uncomfortable for her to be in such an environment! Less than a mile away from this resort people are bathing in grey sewer water and you are complaining about A/C! Once again showing peoples REAL intentions! Problem is this group of people have THE MONEY! So we earhustled conversations while people looked at us like hippy backpackers (3 of us had backpacks) and we learned of other peoples interests depending on country. Cloaked in helping but looking for a quick buck hurt my heart! I love free market capitalism but not the cost of being a misery pimp, but I digress
We finally met our target person and had a wonderful discussion about partnerships and how we could elevate our vision and goals and vice versa. It was refreshing to hear in the midst of these money hungry vultures that there were actual people concerned about the improvement of Haiti and not just contracts and profits. All this to a backdrop that looked like something out of a Corona commercial. After the meeting I took a moment to photograph it. It was Heavenly! Type of place if I ever settle down you marry the woman of your dreams at! I let my mind run for a second, but then realized why I am here and went back to the work necessary
After meeting, we came back and road through Haiti at night! Very different. Not in bad way! The nightlife has people aggregating to the cooler location and watching the people made me smile. I even caught to lovers at a stop exchanging pleasantries! People are beautiful even in tragedy the circle of life continues
Along the way we saw some of the structures that suffered massive structure failure and it reminded me why I am here and I will be back to see it through!
The journey concluded back at the compound where we were served the goat from the morning! And I must say, it was excellent! We sung happy bday to one of the cooks showing indeed everyone deserves appreciation
We end today at our nightly ritual watering hole where I reflect.
Looking at the vision for the area that Bro Darguin and our General President have I can’t help but to be blessed.
I have worked in corporate America and have never had the chance to make the impact I have made in these few days. Some have said that maybe this is Gods way of bringing me back to architecture! If it His will then so be it! I have learned more about what is at my core in the last two days than I have in the last 4 years! Realizing the importance of the work I have been blessed to be apart of, many have congratulated me, and honestly I don’t feel worthy! Because love for mankind is what we are supposed to have AND show! I feel I am doing what God wanted me to do in this situation and for that I’m merely being obedient (for once lol) but seriously its the causal interactions that have shown me the people of Haiti are that! PEOPLE! Not statistics, not investments and not opportunities but people, and if you are not genuine in helping people then reconsider your motives, I sit with 1 day left on this journey awaiting what God has in store

(Sidenote: that goat was pretty damn good and it didn’t need hot sauce lol)

Day 2

Day 2
After a harrowing day one of arrival.. The work begins. Last night ended with the Brother I am working with Samuel Darguin and a few comrades discussing life politics and even strolling at a late night watering hole in Croix De Bouquets. Amidst much laughter and Ole school Cokes and Sprites in Glass longneck bottles we learned about the program me and everyone’s viewpoints. A relaxing end to an otherwise stressful arrival
Upon awakening, I felt better in that my body got some sleep after it took a few hours as the night air was lovely.. but the bugs..well. yeah lol. Sun blazing a good 95F outside..and what am I wearing.. Khakis and a long sleeve tshirt… A little paranoid of getting bit by something.. a LITTLE! Nonetheless I began walking around the compound and photographing the building I am residing in which is to become The Alpha Academy. A procedure I have done countless times.. photographing an existing condition building to prepare what we call as-built drawings (as it already stands). This however was a little different. Walking around and taking a forensic approach to photography looking for the story of the building and how it was built and what was where I noticed difference in building culture immediately. Do I agree with it all, no, but it withstood the earthquake so something was done right and I wanted to know the story of how. After gleaning as much info as the photos could tell me I stopped to wipe sweat, as I was sweating like Oprah in a room full of ribs, I was taken aback by the children. Watching them in a makeshift outdoor classroom learning their numbers and lessons; a few peered back at me. Black man with a different language and slim glasses taking pictures. I wonder how they perceived me. These kids had seen the worse of things and yet the smile and play innocently.. and have their youth and innocence! Couldn’t help but to wonder how their lives are like versus the youth in Chicago with extraneous gang violence. Also I was taken by a young lady that was teacher. Age no more than 16.. No “formal” education, as in college, certifications and other things that take your money to verify the obvious, instead just a passion to inspire the youth! And to think I am responsible for THEIR space, humbling and putting even more focus on my agenda
Afterwards, the good brother Darguin took me to market. Armed with my camera and curiosity, I went about to see what I could capture. Life in Croix De Bouquet? Yes it its different but it was the nuances that showed me that we are all people.. the everyday person is hustling to sell you something! Anything they got it. After visiting NYC I thought that was hustling. This was “grinding” on steroids. Coming up to moving cars selling water in a bag (interesting concept to us I know) we breeze through traffic and lemme say this.. Haitian traffic is NOTHING to play with.. New Yorkers, Chicagoans NONE of us can complain.. there is no lights.. no crossing guards.. just every man woman child and car for themselves
Road rage is epic! Nonetheless are driver navigated while I clicked away. After getting back I realized that in Haiti your car needs 3 things. All terrain capability, air conditioning, and a DAMN GOOD HORN lol.
Afterwards we traversed the hills for banks by foot… in a neighborhood-esque location.. hot from walking it was good to take in the feel of everyday people. And even in a area like Haiti you see simple things like school boys trying to impress school girls. Guys on the block talking about sports, girls.. Older women shopping for items all interesting to take in (don’t do it in the street if they hit you aint no All State commercial here)
Finally hit a bank.. and the first thing I notice is outside the bank security guards with pump action shot guns and look like they enjoy shooting. Got frisked and went in.. Customer service.. FAIL!
After that I went with the Brother to assist in getting internet for the house (never complain about Comcast again, I cant tell you what he paid.. but he paid a WHOLE helluva lot.
From the day.. my camera SEEMS to be a casualty. DSLR has been a casualty of humidity. Not working right now.. that camera cost me a children or three.. so pray that it gets better.. as of now I am debriefing and partaking in Haitian food.. (I did find a Mountain Dew today though so Im good) Tomorrow I measure and venture who knows where.. but I will say that today telling folks that I am the architect or designer for the school has brought many reactions.. again proud to be who I am and using my skills to help.. God is Good

Side note, I saw a flying cockroach.. that thing was HUGE.. i mean it had bones when we smashed it.! It offended my soul lol.. I aint never used OFF so much in my life lol

Day 3 on deck

Day 1

You think you can prepare yourself for something… you pray and you assess and you plan.. but in the end.. its for nothing.
Getting up this morning, I struggled to process what undertaking i was about to begin. I see why now.
The flight in was picturesque but the MINUTE i touched down I could as Mos Def say “Feel the City Breathing”
And its a lot of pain and despair.. but its a LOT of love and laughs. As an American it is easy to become pre-disposed to what CNN or other media outlets would say.. but after seeing it…words do it no justice.

Walking out of the Port au Prince airport.. you look into the eyes of locals and you see A LOT. Some good some bad. I almost got my pocket picked but thank God quit wits caught the assailiant. One of the most embarrassing things that I had to admit was my training almost kicked in.. that fear that fear of i will have to hurt someone.. and i had to catch myself.. Why did i feel that way? Was it because I was not used to the environment? Was it fear of losing possessions, or was it more.

That feeling of helplessness makes one for a brief moment forget the purpose of why I came down here. And I wallowed in my shame on the ride back. Remembering the human condition. That people of all walks of life want the same general things and at that moment, My guide was there to keep me in order, after a long wait for one more comrade.. we drove through Port au Prince and to our compound.. and it is just that a ways a way and driving through a myriad of snapshots.. It is then i but away my American bias and embrace the moment.. to see and cherish why it is I am here! Upon arrival it looked like a United Nations summit of various nationalities.. all united for the same cause! After the joy of finding a bathroom lol I was able to take it and talk with the fraternity Brother that was instrumental in my presence.

and as i close.. and think of what is to come… I think of the opening words of the House of Alpha”
“Goodwill is the Monarch of THIS house!” God indeed is good

More to come

NIZM UPDATE- Whats been goingz on

Hey young world!
Apologies for being quiet on the blog.. A LOT’s been going on.

5/5/10 was Beautiful!
Album Premiere of “ReDFined Xpression”
check out the fb page.
http://www.facebook.com/THATGUYNizm to see the pics
It was a magical night! A lot of stress, but walking on that stage felt like it was Madison Square Garden! Hell even my pops came to check me out!

The ALBUM is available
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as well its available on Amazon.com and Emusic.com
on the grind to spread the word.. if you got it let folks know…word of mouth is powerful!

The album will be distributed via a UK Distributor to the UK market, date forthcoming!

As well:
For those who havent been as acquainted with my music, and looking to hear more of my material
My first two albums: Subtle Perspectives and In Due Time will be re-released on RESERVED Records
Sept 2010! That material almost 10 years old is a glimpse into my past as well to a different perspective into music of myself but that time frame in Chicago. Im honored and humbled that someone think my material be worthy of putting out..shouts to RESERVED Records for the good look.

Update with new staff.. who you will be getting to know soon and lastly

Preparing as of the writing of this.. to go to Haiti! For those that dont know.. my background is in architecture and I have been blessed with an opportunity via my fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha to indeed be “servants of all” and work on the design of a school and outpatient clinic.
This has definitely put a lot of things in life such as music into a different perspective. Looking forward to helping those that have less and learning their story and understanding that people are indeed people and not statistics.

I’ll be back here regularly, Lord willing, and hope to see you all here regularly

any ?s, hit me at nizm@refinedgmusic.com

The N Guy

6- Why It Didnt Work

Sup gang.. a lots been going on.. I gotta separate link coming up … but i wanted to continue on the commentary of each song
Why IT DIDNT WORK.. heck of a title! This song many thought would be as abrasive as “No Wrong” from my “This is Me” album.

This song is kinda been an amalgamation of my dating and the things I have observed. Some women I have dated or even just befriended have shared various thoughts and perspectives.. and far beit from me to be perfect, in my opinion sometimes women put themselves out there and try to manipulate a situation in to something that it isnt, and when they dont get the results that they desire it then becomes a stressful situation.
As mentioned in the song, I am not proud to admit I broke a few hearts, and I do apologize for those that I have done.. we live and learn

Produced by the homie Royce Birth from Toronto.. good looking..
Next song.. ReDFined Xpression