How the name came about 4 the album

The original title for the album was
“The Paul Williams Theory”. For those that don’t know, Paul Williams was a very famous African-American architect who designed for the stars in the 40s-60s
I had chose that title to signify that through all adversities truth and success will reign supreme in all that a forward and driven Black man can do

Title Change
Halfway through the album began to take shape and it didn’t “feel” like the name given to it. It was like saying u “look” like a Darryl, but you hard a William!

As the album progressed, it occurred to me that it needed to reflect a paradigm shift which was evident in life! A shift in views, career, lifestyle, and structure of thought!

After that the album began to “become” ReDFined Xpression…

More to come
The N guy


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