This song was the beginning of a shift in the album! Before this song was recorded, a similar concept song was done but didn’t pan out. One day @ G343 studios I got the idea of using a sample from a song that really just motivates me, and me and MPLI got to working on it! The magic was created immediately and I got a chance to black out on it! Its such an emotionally charged tune. The subject was autobiographical and allowed me the one song to get personal without rehashing my previous album! This song has been the 2nd single for the album! To hear go to http://www.gowherehiphop.com

More to come


3-Set It Off

The third song on the album is called “Set It Off”. Produced by DJ T-Wrecks (Stylust Crew, Toronto). The name says it all! It was the first song recorded for ReDFined Xpression! Initially done in Late 2008 around the time of my graduation from grad school. The feel of the beat put me in a zone of starting off a show, with a crowd anxiously awaiting your first word! Most artists dream! A Madison Square Garden, A Chicago Theatre show! Just giving the crowd what they came for!
More to come


2-Just Listen w/ MPLI & Clever

The first official song on ReDFined Xpression is “Just Listen”. Initially a song for the 151 project, it was created at the beginning of the album. Created in a jam session, over an MPLI beat we got inspired after talking about our own personal travails in music! The hook written by NIZM sums it up
“If you know not the struggle, please don’t talk
If you don’t possess the strength, then you can walk
If you never shed tears over wet ink and damp paper over life issues that to you are major
Then you can’t understand the music in our heart is the thing that we savor
Whether critic or hater..”
A very thought provoking hook and the emotion of NIZM is spoken in his opening line (I won’t spoil it for you)


1- ReDFined Xpression Intro w/ MJH

As with most projects, u want to let the listener know what they are about to experience. For me, I wanted to give the feeling of something solid is coming. MJH was chosen because he and I are affiliated through our music collabrative RLC (Redline Connexion) and as a poet, he is inspirational and is solid in the content arena. His delivery and weaving of key components of Nizm set up a cryptic, yet poignant beginning and in the process grabs the listener!

This is done in tandem with a haunting instrumental provided by MPLI of H2OSoul which makes for an intro you will not forget no time soon!

How the name came about 4 the album

The original title for the album was
“The Paul Williams Theory”. For those that don’t know, Paul Williams was a very famous African-American architect who designed for the stars in the 40s-60s
I had chose that title to signify that through all adversities truth and success will reign supreme in all that a forward and driven Black man can do

Title Change
Halfway through the album began to take shape and it didn’t “feel” like the name given to it. It was like saying u “look” like a Darryl, but you hard a William!

As the album progressed, it occurred to me that it needed to reflect a paradigm shift which was evident in life! A shift in views, career, lifestyle, and structure of thought!

After that the album began to “become” ReDFined Xpression…

More to come
The N guy

Nizm-ReDFined Xpression

May 5th, 2010. I debut a labor of work that has taken 18 months to create! Much shorter than my previous project (Me, This Is) but in some ways more intense!

Coming off an intensely personal project one wonders what else is there to put out?

That’s the thing! The very essense of the term “putting out” means a forceful act
I can honestly say this wasn’t. It was more of a conversational internal process that resulted in what is ReDFined Xpression!

Stay tuned as more info will be coming on the songs

The N Guy!